Monday, 23 February 2009

'America's Next Top Model': We have a winner! Again.

Mckey So the best model, or one of them anyway, won "America's Next Top Model." I said in my last post that the dearly departed Marjorie Conrad reminded me of Elise Sewell from Cycle 1. McKey Sullivan, this season's winner, reminds me of Johanna House from Cycle 2. She might not be as bubbly and chipper as the runner-up, Samantha Potter (or Cycle 2's Mercedes Scelba-Shorte), but give me a break. How could you let someone with that face and who can carry off a severe shork dark haircut like that not win it all?

But really, whoop de doo, right? That's all the excitement I can muster for a show as overplayed as "ANTM." Let's compare it to one of the other great American stalwarts in entertainment-based reality television, "American Idol," which itself has of late received criticism that it's overexposed and irrelevant. "ANTM" premiered in 2003, a year after "Idol," and so far has crammed in 11 "cycles," whereas "Idol" has given us a mere seven (with the eighth starting in 2009). At two seasons (or cycles) a year versus "Idol's" or "Project Runway's" one or one and a half, it's just becoming too much. Does anybody really care about this show anymore? ("Care" being a perjorative term in this case, meaning not just good enough to watch while eating a microwave dinner in the dark but intrigued enough to want to go home and to see what happened).


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